… we had our first birthday!! I can’t believe how fast it has gone- not to say its been easy…. far,far, far from it!..  i was plain foolhardy in thinking  it wouldnt be too hard to pull off- the fact of the matter is that its the hardest thing i have ever done, tattooing and running a shop is the stupidist idea i ever had, im just sooo grateful to everyone who has helped me and put up with my constant moaning- i also have the best ‘team’ around me- a special ‘thank you’ to my boys [steve, simon, trigg] they make me forget my worries!… Sadly the bbq was rained off so we  plan on making that happen and some point in the next two weeks… we will keep you updated…

i dont think i have really finished any tattoo’s recently just been starting lots of large scale work- i did however spend a lovely afternoon with Rachel- we finished up her russian doll chest piece… i also started a pheonix sleeve- one big bird on one arm – nothing else!!! , perfect!!.. then there is kat, kat works in a very busy bar in camden and finding time to fit her in is tough but its always the best.. we have to fight against kat’s psoriasis but normally after a touch up the skin clears itself up– she just loves being hard work —

.. siiiiiiimoooooon never takes photos but luckily ‘others’ take photos of his handywork– this image is our desktop image- it makes us smile- we love you too mr erl!!!!

Steve has been busy too- working late as always!!  i managed to get this photo of sonic on an old customer and friend before i drove her home one late sat eve.. and finally  there was this little beauty, an anatomical heart and roses on christian- chis is awesome he spends some of his spare time sifting through the Thames bed finding all sorts from clay pipes to poison bottles- many stories were told throughout  this epic session

.. i will leave you with a day-to day imgae– one of my cats, Toby.. a real pest when trying to draw- but we love him x