The shop has been crazy busy since Christmas, a few things have changed, lots of people have been tattooed and this year is looking good.

Everyone had a really good time at the Brighton convention. Was a really friendly weekend. Managed to get a few of you lovely people booked in for this year and caught up with lots of old faces.

We managed to get a bigcartel store up for the shop too. We have already sold out of the 50 Boxer shirts but keep your eyes on the site for future designs/reprints.

All shirts have now been sent out so anyone who purchased a shirt already will have it soon!
Big thanks to all of you!

Managed to throw together a quick video of some tattooing at the shop. It’s only iphone stuff so its a little weak, but still features some face and head tattooing… and not to forget Mr Jerrold’s beautiful face!

Make sure you add up the the guys from the shop.

Sam Ricketts


Simon Erl

Thanks for looking!