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Due to a lot of shop changes; merging the shop facebook and the addition of a bigcartel we have been pretty hectic!
But incase you hadn’t seen this little video here you go!
(note this was just for fun… a little boring Sunday)

Sunday 22nd January 2012

Shot with a Cannon 550d/t2i
50mm f/1.8 II

Software: Sony Vegas 11.0, CS5 & VD 1.9.11


For anyone that doesn’t have us on Facebook. Here is the first in a series of many videos.
Majority of the film shot with a Cannon 550d/t2i with the kit 18-55mm lens.

Software: Sony Vegas 10.0, CS5 & VD 1.9.11


The shop has been crazy busy since Christmas, a few things have changed, lots of people have been tattooed and this year is looking good.

Everyone had a really good time at the Brighton convention. Was a really friendly weekend. Managed to get a few of you lovely people booked in for this year and caught up with lots of old faces.

We managed to get a bigcartel store up for the shop too. We have already sold out of the 50 Boxer shirts but keep your eyes on the site for future designs/reprints.

All shirts have now been sent out so anyone who purchased a shirt already will have it soon!
Big thanks to all of you!

Managed to throw together a quick video of some tattooing at the shop. It’s only iphone stuff so its a little weak, but still features some face and head tattooing… and not to forget Mr Jerrold’s beautiful face!

Make sure you add up the the guys from the shop.

Sam Ricketts


Simon Erl

Thanks for looking!


.. this bank holiday has allowed me to try and catch up a little. The last week has been crazy!!! and i am exhausted, but at least some of you will be lucky enough to get some replies to mails…

Monday… normally my day off, but last monday was epic!! Sylvain and innina came back over from  Geneva to get some more work done. Both are tattooists so i find such appointments extra stressful but always rewarding. Last time they were in Essex i think i tattooed for around 9 hours!! This time we beat my record and i guess i tattooed from around half 11 in the morning till the same time at night….. sorry you missed your train back.. i think it was worth it…..

… the rest of the week was just as mental- i had a Wednesday full of lines.. and left feeling drained but happy to know that the chest piece i started on lill’ lucy is going to improve her life immensely, any girls out there [me included] know what its like to have a part your body you hate and want to keep away from the world.. i think we changed that for Lucy that evening-

i started a really  interesting sleeve of a stalk fighting a polar bear but after a full day of lines on saturday i didnt get the best photos so you will have to wait on that one.

Other news is that Matty d from Melbourne is gonna be with us full time for a while soooooo i suggest getting something from the charming gentleman!!!

We had claire ‘innit’ from thou art join us for a few days too this week,  doing lots of black work- claire is a very good friend of mine who has saved me on a number of occassions- it was nice to give something back! I think she will be coming back every month for a few days each time…. so if ya want something black or dotty give her a shout!!….. We also have same ricketts here at the end of june- he dooesnt have many appointments left so i would give us a call soon to confirm a booking!!

pheeewwwwww i think thats about it for this week… me and steve get to go over to berlin next weekend  to see lars [lu’s lips], seeing my good friend is always bound to bring a smile to my face, i really cant wait to have a few days off, i love berlin and the summer is awesome. Im gonna get my armpits started and steve is in for the long haul,; starting his back piece [thighs and bum included!!] watch this space….

Lastly!!!!… today i was up super early i have been contemplating re homing a dog for a while, something to distract me from work and potentially chill me out a little. Thanks to my customer Natalie working at battersea i have my eye on this little chap..

he is a saluki one of my favourite breeds…. i am waiting for the home check and then [fingers crossed] i can take him home– my only worry is that someone else will get in there first [i cant reserve him until my house is given the ‘all clear’]… his name is terrance.. keep your fingers crossed with me…… x

ok im sure you are bored now– becca

im not sure ii you can even make this out. but my red ink cap toppled over and made a romantic heart spillage in my eyes… Anyhow!!  i stayed late tonight and almost finished [a few thin lines missing] emma’s arm most people will recognise emma from the birds and cage chest piece i finished last year.. emma is a beauty and at times like this it really brings home how lucky i am- just me, emma and some florence on the stereo ——— happy o


i get to hopefully finish a couple of pieces this weekend then off to Sheffield for just over 24hours to be sociable and hopefully build upon  out antiques and taxidermy collections maybe see some familiar faces there… again here are some ‘home’ photos… looks like my other furry kid loves ‘times of grace’ as much as me-

… we had our first birthday!! I can’t believe how fast it has gone- not to say its been easy…. far,far, far from it!..  i was plain foolhardy in thinking  it wouldnt be too hard to pull off- the fact of the matter is that its the hardest thing i have ever done, tattooing and running a shop is the stupidist idea i ever had, im just sooo grateful to everyone who has helped me and put up with my constant moaning- i also have the best ‘team’ around me- a special ‘thank you’ to my boys [steve, simon, trigg] they make me forget my worries!… Sadly the bbq was rained off so we  plan on making that happen and some point in the next two weeks… we will keep you updated…

i dont think i have really finished any tattoo’s recently just been starting lots of large scale work- i did however spend a lovely afternoon with Rachel- we finished up her russian doll chest piece… i also started a pheonix sleeve- one big bird on one arm – nothing else!!! , perfect!!.. then there is kat, kat works in a very busy bar in camden and finding time to fit her in is tough but its always the best.. we have to fight against kat’s psoriasis but normally after a touch up the skin clears itself up– she just loves being hard work —

.. siiiiiiimoooooon never takes photos but luckily ‘others’ take photos of his handywork– this image is our desktop image- it makes us smile- we love you too mr erl!!!!

Steve has been busy too- working late as always!!  i managed to get this photo of sonic on an old customer and friend before i drove her home one late sat eve.. and finally  there was this little beauty, an anatomical heart and roses on christian- chis is awesome he spends some of his spare time sifting through the Thames bed finding all sorts from clay pipes to poison bottles- many stories were told throughout  this epic session

.. i will leave you with a day-to day imgae– one of my cats, Toby.. a real pest when trying to draw- but we love him x

… me and steve enjoyed a more relaxed convention finishing at reasonable times on both days.. we will definately be back next year.. couldnt have asked for more hospitable and helpful staff, thanks for the lab monkey team for putting up with ‘whiney miss becca’…. thankfully we werent staying at the Roadhouse… we are farrr tooo unsociable for that!!!….

Steve did the following…



…. i  didnt manage to get a  photo of the first one i did [claire if you have one send it this way] .. but anyway here you go—-  i did a squirrel on sam, sam has an  awesome tattoo collection already so i felt the pressure – the 2nd is an octopus girl with a ship- Sped had asked for a kracken attacking a boat, i had started a similar piece at the shop in the week  so decided to have an alternate image ready for him, which thankfully he liked…

 so all in all we had fun catching up with old friends and making new ones… i feel sorry for all the europeans who failed to make it….. tilll next year … bye carlise x

wooo simon is back after his 5 weeks away… he has missed essex we can tell. Another long week with many late nights.. to add in some relief me and steve have been watching deadwood…… soooooo sooooo good… if people remember ‘lovejoy’ you need this in your life –

here are a couple of finished things… baby penguin to add to a pengin half sleeve on jen and a rose and key on Ez… nice chats this week….Northlakes conventon is next weekend… i always wonder how i will be ready in time.. but it always works out – becca

.. phew all the lines… pieces include caroline’s sleeve [dog/birds/roses]. We havent seen each other in couple of years so it was a lovely reunion..